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"The willingness to share does not make one charitable, it makes one free." - Robert Brault
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"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something, and I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do."

- Edward Everett Hale

Introduction to the IHS Food Program

  1. The Full-day Meal Packet Program. A meal packet is a one gallon zippered plastic bag, packed with enough food to feed one person for one day. IHS provides the packets to the Social Work Office at the UVA Hospital for distribution to caregivers of patients and for out-patients who cannot afford to feed themselves while they are here. The program relies on groups such as churches, scouts, clubs, schools, businesses and friends to purchase food items, assemble packets, and place the completed packets into boxes for delivery or pickup. Meal packets are easy to assemble and fun for all ages to do. No number of meals is too small or too large. We estimate each meal packet costs about $6 to assemble. We project a minimum need of 3,000 meal packets annually.
  2. IHS has produced a concise one-page Guide for the Full-day Meal Packet Program. It provides a description of the program, contact information, and a shopping list. The Guide can be loaded for smartphones and tablets at http://www.interfaithsanctum.org/foodlist.php. Please note that emphasis is given to two main entrees, fruit and applesauce cups, granola bars, cracker packs, spoon & fork wrapped in a napkin and a microwavable paper bowl, used when one of the entrees is a soup or stew in a flip-top can, versus in a microwavable cup, and then all placed into a gallon zip lock bag.

  3. The UVA Hospitality House Program. Hospitality House is the UVA Hospital facility which provides lodging for adults (18 and older) at an exceptionally low fee for mostly indigent and underfunded out patients and family members being served at the UVA Medical Center. There is presently no food fund for HH or consistent food assistance from other charities; therefore, IHS maintains a consistent monthly delivery program for HH, based on alert notices from the HH Supervisor. IHS receives annual support for this program from the BAMA Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band in Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF) and private contributors. Depending on the size of annual grants, extra funds are also used to support purchase of extra items for maintaining meal packets when community groups may be on summer and holiday breaks. IHS also participates in providing the three holiday meals (4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas), although many community groups locally will inquire as to what is needed to support these special meals, and even prepare and serve them at the Hospitality House. IHS is always standing by to secure supplies for those at HH who are being treated as outpatients and cannot return home for the holidays. Please feel free to call HH through the UVA Medical Center number at (434) 924-0000 and ask for the Hospitality House and ask how you can assist directly or with supplies for stocking the kitchen.

Monetary donations to IHS, which indicate a specific category of support, such as the “Food Program,” will be placed into the Food Program bank account and only used to support that IHS program. Remember – the grant mentioned is dedicated for food assistance and provides only partial funding for the food program. If a donation is not specifically indicated for a category, such as lodging, food, co-pay/emergency prescriptions, travel and the Baby Fund (for infant car seats and baby clothing for pediatric patients), then your monetary donation is placed into the bank account which at that time has the greatest need.

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